September 14, 2011




Faculty of Information Quarterly (FIQ) is looking for new members to join its team! We are looking for committed and reliable individuals who are current students at the Faculty of Information. Students from all programs at the iSchool (MI, MMSt, JD/MI, PhD) are strongly encouraged to apply as we aim to reflect the academic and professional diversity of the iSchool in our staff. Please keep in mind that while editorial experience is valued, it is not required. Training and editorial resources will be provided to all editors.

Please email your resume and a brief statement (100-400 words) explaining why you are interested in joining FIQ to,addressed to Samhita Gupta (Editor-in-chief). All applications are due by Friday, September 30.You are also encouraged to email us with any questions, comments or concerns about the positions or FIQ in general. We look forward to hearing from you!

Following are the available positions:


TitleDeputy Editor

Number of positions: 1


In the interest of succession planning, we strongly prefer the Deputy Editor to be a first year student. He/she will work in close collaboration with the editor-in-chief to ensure a high standard of editorial quality and the timely publication of each issue.



Number of positions: 6 (4 first year students; 2 second or higher year students)


FIQ editors will have the following responsibilities:

-Complete assigned editorial work in a timely and reliable fashion

-Efficiently communicate with and report to Senior Editors

-Ensure all necessary changes to structure, syntax, punctuation, grammar, references and citations are made in accordance with FIQ guidelines

-Ensure coherence of arguments presented in submissions


TitleWeb Designer and Layout Editor

Number of positions: 1 (first year student preferred)


This position will require working with cascading stylesheets (CSS) and Adobe InDesign. The following responsibilities will be shared with the current web designer and layout editor:

-Website design and maintenance

-Preparing issues for digital publishing in a timely manner


TitleDigital Archivist

Number of positions: 1


The role of the digital archivists is to assign Digital Object Identifier (DOI) tags for all published articles in each issue. This is an important role as it enables enhanced searchability of the FIQ database in the digital domain. Experience with DOI tagging is not required. Training, support and resources will be provided.