Vol 1, No 1

The First Student Issue

Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor
Meghan Ecclestone
The iSchool Movement: Reflections from the Profession
Meghan Ecclestone
Book Review: “Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian”
Bruce Harpham
Metaphor in management and organization theory: Evolution and criticism
Alison Callahan
On Tags and Signs: A Semiotic Analysis of Folksonomies
Glen Farrelly
Electric Literacy Playground
Mark Wallace
Borne Back Ceaselessly into the Past: Intellectual Property Versus Reader Interest, by Way of The Great Gatsby, Graphic Novelized
Steve Kupferman
Graphic Novels in the Public Library
Amie Wright
Power, Possession and Post-Modernism: Contemporary Readings of the Colonial Archive
Bronwen Masemann
Formalizing Privacy Protection: FIPPA, Ontario Universities, and Unsupervised Records Management
Tim Neufeldt
Net neutrality in the United States and the future of information policy
Bruce Harpham
Should We Pull the Plug? Towards an Ethics for ICT Use
Alison Callahan
ICT and discipline formation: Facilitating community cohesion within the iSchool caucus
Bill Mann